Professional photos are advisable. Casting directors view lots of model cards and if you want your child to stand out then a portfolio is worth the investment. We have a studio in Loughton Essex and portfolios are only £90!
Home photos taken on a phone are acceptable but must follow our guidelines:

Where to take the photo

If at home please use a plain wall/background with plenty of light. Give your child a little space between them and the wall, around 60cm or so. DO NOT photograph you child standing in front of a window, this affects the exposure and they will appear too dark. If outside you can use a tree or the grass, DO NOT stand them 1 cm away from a big bush, this will take the focus off the child, again give a good 60 cm space. Do not photograph your child on park apparatus. Also avoid bright sunshine that causes them to squint. Overcast days are ideal as there will not be harsh shadows on the face.

How to pose

Do not put your child in awkward poses, NO pouting faces, keep hands away from face. Babies can be sitting up on the sofa. We are looking for 2 good head and shoulder photos and one mid or  full length

Quality, angle and crop

The photo must be in focus, no fuzzy photos. Also absolutely NO FILTERS. Camera angle must be at eye level, hold camera in upright angle. Only get your child in the photo, we do not need to see all the surroundings. DO NOT HOLD YOUR PHONE TOO CLOSE TO THE CHILD, This will cause the camera to not focus in sharp enough.


What to wear

NO fancy dress, bows, sunglasses or toys in the photo, this distracts from the child. Ensure child is wearing comfortable clothing


Hair & Makeup

Please keep girls hair down so casting directors can see the length and colour. Strictly NO MAKEUP or large hair accessories. Teenagers can wear a minimal amount that is hardly visible. Children that look older than their age are at a disadvantage for casting directors.



So to quickly recap:


photo example

This is Jay, son of agency owner Anya. This was a quick shot taken in the garden on a phone. No fuss, the focus is on on child, plain background.


Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 12.33.16

This is Amelia one of our fabulous models, one of her shoots with us was for the prestigious brand Bentley!

Her mummy regularly sends us in natural updates taken on her iPhone with plain background and good light.


Your child’s profile holds 3 photos, please email updates to :

Don’t forget we also have our new premium membership that enables you to login and keep your child’s profile up to date, unlocks extra photo storage, see what jobs we have submitted them for and also receive a copy of your child’s model card. only £19.99 per family if interested follow the link

Do you have some fab examples you would like to share on this page? other parents appreciate help and advice.

Please email : with photo and Childs name. Place PHOTO EXAMPLE in subject line