Disability Division

Disability Division

Child models and actors are welcomed to Lacara’s disability division. We accept applications from all children and adults with varying levels of ability. We do not separate our disability division from the other models, all the beautiful children are together and submitted for any possible brief they will fit.

How do you know if your child is suitable for modelling?

The wellbeing of the child is paramount to us. We firstly ask you to think about a few things before putting your child forward:

  • How are they around new people?
  • How are they in a new environment?
  • How are they travelling?

We understand that lots of children with disabilities are in a routine and feel very upset when routine is out of sync. So please be aware that if chosen for a shoot they will be required to travel to the location, meet new people, and experience a whole new activity. If you feel your would thrive in this situation then please complete the application form, we would love to have them onboard.

Take a look at some of our beautiful models in action!

Alexander Evans

Carla White

Holly Allen

You also have the option of bringing them along for a mini-model portfolio with Lacara. This may help answer some of your questions as to how they will react whilst being exceptionally cared for by our team. Read more about our mini-model portfolio

We hope this has helped you to answer a few questions and we look forward to receiving your application. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any further queries.