Child Modelling Advice FAQs

Child modelling advice FAQ’s for joining Lacara Child Model and Talent Agency and general help and guidance in the industry.

Lacara is a child model and talent agency based in Essex that accept children from 0-18 years of age nationally throughout the UK. We also now have an adult division aged 18+ we do require adults to be registered on spotlight.

Firstly you would need to read this page of child modelling advice and FAQ’s then complete an application to the agency, which can be found on our apply page. We will make a decision based upon your location, photographs sent, information provided. We pride ourselves on having a huge diverse range of children to supply to our very large client list. Please note that the vast majority of work takes place Monday to Friday and during school hours. We do require parents to be fully available.
We will contact you with our decision either way if your child is going to be accepted onto our books or not. We aim to respond within 10 working days.

A vast majority of work takes place in London. Therefore it is advantageous to be within easy access to London. However over the recent years lots more productions are taking place throughout the UK. Therefore we will accept children from all over the UK and will ask you to list your nearest city on our application form so we can allocate castings closest to you, but please remember that London is a lot busier than the rest of the major cities.

Nothing, Yes , that’s right, its 100% free to join Lacara child model and talent agency, no catches.  Once your child is accepted onto our books they will have their own web page on our website which will be viewed by casting directors throughout the media industry completely free of charge. We do have an optional ‘PREMIUM’ membership that you can join for only £29.99 per year per family and this will give you access to your webpage.

We do have the optional facility for you to be able to take advantage of a professional photo shoot at a discounted price exclusive to Lacara models. This is NOT a requirement, and is a fabulous offer which will help give your child added confidence in working with the camera, plus you will be given a cd of edited, high resolution and full copyright images and it can be to be added to your Talent Directory listing for clients to view and help enhance your portfolio. Plus you can meet Anya Taylor and the friendly staff, which will help our model bookers when discussing your child with casting agents.

Our aim to our clients is to provide a wide portfolio of children, each child is unique and every job brief for a client is unique. Therefore we do not select all children that apply, at the time of your application it will depend if we already have too many of your child’s age category or look.  Each application is individually assessed

When your child gets a job, we take a commission, the same as all agents. Our comission rates vary depending on the job, 25-37.5%.

Updated legislation that came into effect on 1st October 2010 stipulated that Model Agencies are not allowed to charge upfront fees to their potential models.
However lots of agency’s ‘get around this’ by charging a small one off fee which is worded as ‘ a web listing fee’ or ‘talent directory’ ect.

Lacara child model and talent agency does not charge any upfront fees to its models for representation or web listing fees.

Lacara child model and talent agency earns money from commission gained from client work

No, any agency that guarantees work to any of its models should be avoided.
As an agent, our duty is to our clients, which is to create a full and varied portfolio of up-to-date artists.
The client makes the decision as to what they are looking for and not the agency.

Casting directors/production companies ect will firstly call children for a casting, fitting, audition, usually taking place after school hours. This does not mean they have the job, it is a chance for them to choose the right child and make a shortlist for the job.

During the time, (which can be anything from 2 minutes to 30 minutes) your child may be asked to try on clothes, 15 minute chat, go through some of the script or motions that will be required on the shoot. They may take some studio shots or even a screen test with voice recording on video. It is important for you to be punctual as they will be working on a tight schedule.

Dont be surprised if you are there with lots of other children, this is a casting and they will be looking at lots of other children.

Casting children is a timely process for our clients. We are usually informed within 72 hours if any of our Lacara children are accepted. Please be patient.

Firstly congratulations, how very exciting!

The jobs usually take place during school hours. Due to child protection and welfare, you will need to obtain licenses for your child to be out of school.
This is a very simple process you will need;

  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Copy of Birth certificate
  • Letter from your head master to allow a day from school
  • Part 2 License application
  • Medical letter from your doctor

This paperwork is then submitted to your local authority to obtain a licence to work. Please note that this is a straight forward process, please do not worry, we will be able to guide you through.

Rates can be different depending on the client.  When your child is chosen for a job/ casting we will negotiate contracts and rates with the client then this will need to be approved by you. Children are not paid until Lacara receives payment from the client.

Here at Lacara we offer NON-Sole contracts. This means your child is entitled to be represented by other agents, we appreciate you want the best possible exposure for your child. Please check that other agents you join are also NON-sole.