Casting Advice

Casting Advice

The Casting Process

  • We receive the casting brief from the casting director/producer directly or on Spotlight.
  •  If you/your child is suitable for the brief we then submit the model card or Spotlight Profile to the casting director.
  • Lacara do not decide who will receive a audition/casting, this is decided by the casting director.
  • We will only then contact those that have been selected for audition/casting
  • Decisions can be made as late as the day before the audition date! Be prepared for last minute phone calls!
  • After attending an audition/casting we will then await notification from the casting director to find out if successful.
  •  To see if you/your child has been submitted for job briefs you will need to have a premium profile.


Lacara Casting Tips and Information


  • Be prompt and allow plenty of time to find the venue, park (if applicable), sign in and get yourself and your child organised!  The casting time given by the Agency will be the time that the client has requested to see your child, so you must be waiting ready in the waiting area at this time.  If the time stated is anytime between a particular period, then you can arrive anytime between the times given, not before or after!
  • Ensure only one parent chaperones each child, with no additional friends/family or children.  The casting offices are mostly very small and cannot hold additional people.  If you have somebody else with you, please ask them to wait outside.
  • Feel free to ask the Agency the fees for the job beforehand, and if the client is paying any casting fees, SOME clients will pay a small fee to each child that is casting, anything from £10- £25.
  • Clients never reimburse travel for castings. IF there is a casting fee, an invoice is sent to the client within 10 days of the job being completed. Once received, clients may take up to and around 3 months to pay an invoice.
  • Particularly for younger children, ensure you have adequate food/drink and a book/toy with you to keep your child occupied in case the client is running late and you are kept waiting.
  • Make sure you have our Agency details to hand, so that should you be asked to fill out a form on arrival to the casting, you have our contact details to provide where applicable. Many forms may also ask for your child’s measurements, so it is a very good idea to note your child’s height, chest, waist, hips, inside leg, outside leg and head circumference measurements beforehand, as well as shoe size.


Clothing Tips

  • Ensure your child wears nice, clean, plain, casual and comfortable clothing, unless otherwise requested.
  • Nothing too fussy, their usual day-to-day clothing, this will make them feel as comfortable as possible.
  • A clean face and clean and tidy hair, hands and nails are a must
  • Unless specified, girls hair should be left brushed loose
  • No hair products, make-up or jewellery, unless otherwise requested


Additional Tips  – Fashion Casting

Remember this is a fashion casting, they want to visualise your child in their clothes. Some more tips for dressing.

  • If you have a Lacara t-shirt wear this and jeans / denim or if you don’t have denim, plain leggings or similar.
  • If you do not have a Lacara t-shirt please wear a plain top, plain colours, clean and ironed with denim (jeans, dungarees, shorts, skirt) or leggings.
  • Girls, please avoid wearing pink.



  • Best clothing for non-walking babies under 1 is a plain baby grow or vest
  • Please do not dress babies in outfits such as jeans and shirts.
  • Avoid collars, crew or scoop neck clothes work best.
  • Think gender neutral – often clients will use girls as boys and vice versa. Make your baby look as gender neutral as possible to give them the best chance.



After the casting, the client will generally only get back to us if they wish to book and artist, otherwise they do not get back to each agent with individual feedback.  This means that if you do not hear from the Agency after 1 working week of the casting, then the client has not been back in touch in regards to your casting so we can assume you have not been selected.

PLEASE do not contact the office to see if you/your child has been chosen, we will contact you, but only if successful.

If your child is attending a casting it is because the client has specifically requested to see them, having viewed their photographs and details on their Model Card.  This is why it is vital all measurements, details and photographs on our website are accurate at all times.

If you would like to purchase a LACARA T-shirt please email:

T-shirts are £11.99 + £1.99 p& p


If you are unable to make the casting on the day due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact the office immediately by phone or email so we can let the casting director know asap. If you do not let us know we will remove your child from our books with immediate effect.

Any other questions or queries, please feel free to contact the Agency.